I am a designer/maker constantly excited by the potential for design through jewellery and metalwork and the endless scope for freshness and beauty in the next idea. The medium is as old as civilisation itself and brings pleasure and confidence to the wearer. I draw inspiration from every aspect of daily life and experience.
The production of a piece from the raw precious metal and stones provides endless satisfaction. It permits the process to be part of the outcome and allows for unexpected innovation in technique. My present collection utilises the formation of finished shapes from the molten gold or silver cast in hand carved cuttlefish bone. The luxurious organic shapes of the final rings and neckpieces hark back to a memory of deep seas and vibrant decoration.


Ros Millar is a London based Jewellery Designer who recently graduated from Sheffield Hallam University. Since launching her career in 2009 her work has attracted attention from around the industry and has fascinated visitors and collectors at exhibitions including the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Fair 2010.

Ros designs and makes her own pieces and is currently exciting interest with her organically inspired gold and silver cuttlebone cast jewellery. In an intriguing marriage of technique and beauty her latest collection focuses mainly on black oxidised and rose gold plated silver stacking rings and neckpieces. The thrilling ‘Black & Rose Growth Collection’ has been described as having a ‘glamorously gothic twist and a luxe edge’.





03/08/11 Identity


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