I am an adherent believer in the power of objects to communicate and reflect our ideas about the world around us. I manipulate pre-existing forms through craftsmanship in order to weave ambiguous and uncanny narratives which explore our anxieties and desires.


Craft processes allow me to manipulate pre-existing forms, through presentation or mimicry, into suggestive relics for confused narratives. I meddle with the symbolic context of historic tools and objects in order to subvert the authority we place in objects of age.

By combining enigmatic found forms with jewellery techniques I venerate the mundane and question accepted ideas of value. Hand crafted objects are richly imbued with the tale of their conception and the absent presence of the maker. I am inspired by the human fallibility of craft and its ability to carry a real time tale of interaction, which regardless of purpose  is always historic and always ambiguous. In response to this, I manufacture scratches, dents and poor techniques to create an alter ego.

My artefacts carry the empty promise of physical function, presenting viewers with both tools of protection and harm, whilst in reality they have been created to exist solely before the imagination. Our anxieties of misuse and misinterpretation are exorcised through this juxtaposition of attraction and repulsion, reassurance and horror.





03/09/11 Control Through Making
25/06/11 Unrepair
02/04/11 Unidentified


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