I am a 3D handmade constructor, currently working predominantly with wood. I synthesize the man-made and natural worlds, exploring contrasting and complimentary elements in order to tantalise the senses.


Physical contact brings a more enriched understanding of an object. I promote the natural tactile qualities of wood in order to evoke the senses and encourage the desire to interact. Using a fusion of traditional and contemporary methods of craftsmanship I produce objects that encompass both function and aesthetic. My core concept is driven by a fascination of the kinetic stasis between the man-made and natural worlds. Through form, texture and material I explore elements of contrast, comfort and play.

Inspiration comes from an infatuation with steam powered machinery coupled with a deep rooted love of nature. I find the raw transferral of kinetic energy portrayed by these machines alluring in direct contrast to the quiet, subtle strength of trees. Trees have always instilled a sense of awe, they are our heritage; they absorb history and exude our natural surroundings, without them we could not survive. Every piece of timber contains a wealth of stories, nurturing time within the grain. There is something hugely comforting, satisfying and pure about running your fingers over a beautiful piece of wood, it is an incredibly instinctive reaction. This material allows me the opportunity to harness these characteristics. The presence of metal offers a dialogue that links directly to my core concept. I strive to work in harmony with nature and source only local timber from storm damaged or sustainably managed sources in order to reduce my environmental impact.



01/06/11 Geometric Investigation


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