I am a new generation of weaver; designing and making special woven blankets and accessories using luxury natural fibres and an exciting use of colour. All pieces are traditionally woven either by mill or by hand within the UK and celebrate the art and history of woven textiles.


As an antidote to mass fashion ideals I design and make woven comfort blankets for adults using traditional weaving practices. A cross over between home and wearable art my cloths are designed to be a best friend providing the comfort of familiarity and repetition in a companion-like object containing hidden messages of love and comfort. Using my own Morse code pattern woven into the cloths double layered structure means that I can create vivid statements on each side of the cloth for use in interiors and on the body. My uplifting colour pallet of violets, geranium, turquoise, aubergine and sunshine on a backdrop of misty greys and honeydew are inspired by vintage treasures and my own drawings and photography. I use carefully sourced natural yarns such as cashmere, lambs wool and merino from UK suppliers to create my unique colour pallet.

Whilst enjoying the intimacy of production when I am hand weaving my collection of scarves, wraps, shawls, collars, snoods and hoods I am also enjoying working very closely with an established mill to manufacture my larger pieces that I would be unable to produce myself. This offers me an opportunity to celebrate and promote traditional UK manufacturing and further enriches my work.

Weaving and all of its processes speak strongly to my ideals of time, storytelling and sustainable practice, taking the time, effort and skill to produce special work with a unique sense of value. Each piece that I make is a wearable piece of art though remains wholly functional; a colourful and contemporary interpretation of a craft almost abolished by the industrial revolution. I celebrate the traditions of this craft and community as well as honouring my long standing belief in slow textiles, responsibility and emotionally durable design.

I am currently undertaking a residency in the North of the Shetland Islands to further enhance my practice, absorbing the traditions of the local crafts and celebrating this unique place full of history and skill. I am inspired by the local materials and subtle colours of the islands and will be producing work directly influenced by Shetland.

My luxury woven cloths and wearable blankets are to be used everywhere and anywhere, inside and out, providing the warmth of wrapping yourself up in a protective tonic, preparing you for the world and enriching your experience with colour, warmth and love.




31/05/11 Making Portraits


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