I am your mirror.

Reflection and vision is my trade but it is all optical illusions.

Who is creating whom? The maker, the object, the viewer?


I combine blown glass, cast metal, found objects and photography to create intriguing mirrors and objects of curiosity. These deceiving devices are visual experiences, not just objects to look at but objects to look through.

I want the viewer to become part of the work, pulled in by the act of viewing. My recurring themes deal with vision, reality and illusion.

The brain sees through the eyes, editing and creating individual realities. My optical devices act as portals and transport the viewer into another space. They question the reliability of seeing.

My urban environment inspires me: The London Underground, security mirrors, CCTV cameras; and as a whole our visual culture and technology e.g. Virtual reality.

The essential ideas behind the work revolve around the hyper-visual and over exposed world we live in …

What we usually call reality is a montage” Nicolas Bourriaud



06/07/11 Progress on the making
31/05/11 I am your mirror


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