I am a gatherer and recorder of intriguing images, fragments, textures, moments and material memories. I interpret my collections in clay.


I am a ceramic artist making decorative objects for interior spaces. Ceramics and image have a long association and its in this area that my interest lies, building on traditional making skills and introducing new print technologies into the work.

My inspiration is essentially based in ceramics themselves – the traditions of producing commemorative slip and transfer ware. These are objects that have historically celebrated high status events such as marriages, sporting achievements, coronations and so on. These platters, plates, jugs and mugs are collected and displayed in peoples homes, telling stories of important occasions. I feel, however, that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a grand event to be special. I use my work to commemorate the smaller everyday details that add pleasure to our daily lives.

I use my own photography as a starting point; taking snapshots of a fleeting moment I have glimpsed that for me leaves a feeling of the place that I am in. Images can be long autumn shadows cast over pavements and railings or spring leaves disrupting a backdrop of grid structures in the city. They are visual snapshots of a moment in time and later may be triggers for thoughts passed, places visited.

The photography is then transformed into wet clay screen prints, the image itself then becoming material. The print stretches, cracks and distorts during the making process, adding another layer of detail and making each piece in the print edition unique. The printed clay is then formed into or over moulds to make to final objects. Sometimes further imagery is added on top of the print; flecks of gold transfer or clay drawings to build on the sense of narrative in the surface. The pieces are then fired and glazed, capturing the stories of both the place and the making.

My aim is to capture the impermanent images around us, framing them in my ceramic pieces as memories of times just passed. I am isolating and embedding views, elevating the everyday, creating stories and spaces in my objects.



21/09/11 Fine Dining…


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