I am an observer, a collector, a maker. I see the beauty in things often considered rubbish or detritus. I enjoy playing with this notion, drawing out the potential in objects and utilising them in a surprising, often wearable, way.


My work is informed by my background in Sociology, as well as my ongoing fascination with observing the ordinary and the extraordinary, the
things that interest or surprise us as we negotiate our everyday lives in the city.

I use an intuitive, detective, and observational approach to my research. Observing, collecting, noting. I enjoy mocking notions of what is or should be beautiful, while challenging and subverting traditional notions and hierarchies within jewellery. I like my work to be playful, for people to have fun with it, for it to have an element of surprise or the unexpected.

My recent work has focussed on Shiny things in the dirt. Beautiful things that stand out against the grit, the pavements, the grey of London. Things that maybe shouldn’t be there, petrol stains on the pavement, smashed glass from a vandalised phone box, a piece of broken jewellery that someone has lost, bright shiny pieces of broken car headlamp. What is it that I find fascinating about these things? I enjoy seeing the beauty in objects that otherwise may be considered rubbish or detritus, and I see the potential for a beautiful object to be made from or with these materials. The things that I find beautiful are the things that surprise you as you walk around your daily life, things that make you look again, or smile.



29/08/11 Obscuring Beauty

09/05/11 Exposed Layers


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