I am an old soul, my thoughts transgress the centuries; I listen to whispered stories caught on the wings of time and draw them into the present.

I am drawn from the comfort of shadows towards dangerous illuminations, like a moth I seek solace in stillness, moved to work by the ambience of circumstance; the portrait captured fleetingly in the reflection of gilded mirrors and candlelight tells a different story.


The personal narrative associated with an old piece of china, the necessity to display and the reverence given to a repaired and treasured ‘old friend’ have all been my inspiration for this body of work.

A personal obsession with scouring junk shops for objects to engage with acts as a stimulus for me and also instigated my use of reclaimed possessions and unusual ceramic bedfellows.

I revisit the memories and emotions associated with vintage ceramics, and recreate them using a collage of textural surfaces, slips, glazes, transfers and lustre’s.

My work is highly ornate and is adorned with printing and an array of visual ephemera, each piece I have created is a spontaneous response to the reworking of ‘precious’ objects: resulting in a sensory banquet.





31/07/11 Me, Myself, Eye


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