The work is all installed, and the private view has happened, but my piece is just beginning…

A structure has been built from my personal collection of textiles, each with its own tale to tell. But the structure is about housing a series or workshops, aimed at families to share oral histories through the generations.

Working as an orchestrator, and taking textiles as a starting point to trigger conversations and storytelling. I have made a space to bring people together, where ideas of community and resilience are acted out through participants taking part in a series of making workshops.

Everyday practices such as bread baking, craft and other making activities, is currently a topic of sociological research – ‘Life Projects’ that examines how people express themselves through these everyday practices, creating home into an enchanted space that is about finding new ways of living.

Tonight the structure begins to come to life as the first workshop for the teachers preview happens – in order to share ideas, techniques or project methods they may pass on to students.

More to come on the stories from the textiles I have made…



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