Progress on the making


by Helene Uffren

Since the last post, the painting for the mixed media project “Portrait” (painting, glass device, mirror, shelf) has progressed as below.

This is a view of the top section of the oil painting, I am making of the viewing device:

"Portait" detail

For the video and glass installation:

The 3 clips are almost all edited and the false security mirror is finished. I have made tests with projecting though the mirror and I am very pleased with the result.

As I said in the last post: the security mirror is to be fixed on a false wall reminiscent of the London Underground aesthetics. I am, at the moment, designing the false wall.

Below is a picture of the test I am making for the tiling and a still from the video:

The idea for this project is based on the notion of transit and visual displacement.

I am also working on a mirror/portait called “Voyeur”. More about this work in the next post.

Touching up gold leaves:


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