by Katherine May

Since working on my drawings on colour studies, I have been remembering the wonderful process of plant dyeing. Having spent a day, during the recent bricolage workshop series, dyeing fabric scraps for patchwork and learning the history of English plants such as Madder, Weld and Elderberry – I would like to work with the interaction of natural colours. I am looking at working with Indigo, as you don’t need to pre-mordant the fabric, which will be perfect for using up the cotton, silk and muslin ends I have in the studio.

At the moment I am playing around with my recycled and Indigo dyed fragments – looking at organising the colour and also how the patchwork works against the light to reveal the folds in the patchwork process, creating new shadow and pattern.

I will work with the process – exhaust dyeing, meaning you use up all the dye until the dye bath becomes clear water. This will create a wonderful graduation of colour for my patchwork, so the tent can have very inky blue ends – up to light and airy whites.


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