Past Patterns


by Rose Sharp Jones

Sir John Soane’s description of Pitzhanger Manor House as ‘a sort of portrait’ led me to think about how identity is reflected in interior decoration.  Textiles play a large part in interiors and I wanted to look at some of the historical links between textiles and identity.  I am very interested in the traditional knitting techniques of the British Isles.  As part of my work I will look at how and why knitting techniques such as Aran and Fair Isle developed in relation to function and resources, and came to represent a local identity.


I am currently developing fabrics based on a collection of personal examples of these textiles, many of which date from my childhood.  Alongside knitting I will use additional techniques such as crochet, embroidery and rag rug making.  Some of the fabrics will be made using traditional techniques passed on to me by members of my family. I will also be reusing yarns and fabrics that I have collected over a number of years and which have personal significance, reflecting my identity.

Crochet/Rag Rug

Taking inspiration from these traditional processes and materials, as well as being inspired by the colours and patterns found at Pitzhanger Manor House I will develop a collection of fabrics to be applied to a range of found furniture pieces, which I will restore and upholster.

Pitzhanger images


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