Geometric Investigation


by Leon Lewis

As a neoclassical architect, Sir John Soane used simplicity of geometric form to manipulate space and light. Relating directly to this principle within my own work began my investigation.


To produce a portrait of who I have become, I have chosen to reflect on the most significant recent event in my personal life, the birth of my son. He is at an early stage of learning the principles of form and how shapes relate through playing with wooden building bricks. Whilst we explored it occurred to me that these are the earliest and most simplified tools with which many of us begin to investigate form and space. These simple geometric shapes create a direct link to the principles that Soane employed in his work.

As a result I have been 3D drawing with building bricks to explore forms that best portray myself and the relationships with my new family whilst acknowledging the concepts of interactivity and play from my previous work. Also encompassed in this examination are considerations of the use of space, light and form as a tribute to Soane’s extensive work and a natural progression of my own.

The finished work will be my largest to date as I am re-addressing the use of scale in my practice. The picture above shows 5.5 tons of Oak being delivered for this project. This is a fantastic opportunity to scale-up, reflecting Soane’s concepts of grandeur.


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