I am your mirror.


by Helene Uffren

Reflection and vision is my trade but it is all optical illusions.

Who is creating whom? The maker, the object, the viewer?

This is my take on “Portraits in the making

With my work, the viewer’s interaction is crucial; by either standing in front or peering through a piece he/she becomes part of the work, pulled in by the act of viewing.

The viewer becomes framed, trapped, transported into an ephemeral mirror portrait.

I have started working on a mixed media mini installation which involves a glass viewing device on a stand, a painting and a mirror. I haven’t done any painting for some years so I am really enjoying the process of rediscovering oil paint (See above).

I am very excited about a new project, I have started: an installation incorporating glass and video, which is continuity in theme but is also an exciting new departure in form and medium. I have never done this before so it is a big challenge!!

The project consists of making a glass and mixed media installation which will include a false security mirror made of slumped glass and  3 video clips running on a loop. The security mirror is to be fixed on a false tiled wall  reminiscent of the London Underground aesthetics. I will explain more in the next post.

This glass and video project is a move forward from the site responsive solo exhibition I did at Pitzhanger Manor House in 2010 where I combined glass and photography to create intriguing objects of curiosity.

These deceiving devices acted as portals and transported visually the viewer into another room or their own imagination.

This time the viewer will be transported into places of transit through the added dimension of movement and sound.


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